Poetry Phone on Poetry Day

Poetry Phone
No matter where you are on National Poetry Day you can call or text to get poetry sent to you or a friend. Text or call 021.474.555 or 022.300.8164 anytime from 9 am on the 24th of August to 6pm on the 26th of August and the Phone Poets will furnish you with a poem. If you tell the Poets what is going on in your life, they’ll find a poem to fit. You can also make requests for friends – including poems written to order. This is a free service to celebrate National Poetry Day 2016, but standard txting and calling rates apply.
Entry Details: Standard calling/txting rates
Date/Times: 9am 24 August – 6pm 26 August; 24 hour service.
Location: Nationwide
Contact: Drus Dryden, 021.474.555, drusdrus@gmail.com or Alice Sparrow, 022.300.8164, alice.sparrow@yahoo.co.nz
Further Info: ofa.carbonmade.com/projects/2346591

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