Mimicry 1 out now – online or hardcopy

Mimicry issue 1 (hardcopy)

Grab a reprint of the journal that sold out the night of its launch. Copies could arrive earlier than August 12, but the release date is set for then just to be safe.

A journal of comedy, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, music, art and design by young NZ creatives.

48pp. Published 28 July 2016.

Russell Coldicutt, Gabby Anderson, Freya Daly Sadgrove, Will Robertson, Chris Mulholland, Céline Soyer, Hilary Beattie, Tim Grgec, Todd Atticus, Nina Powles, Jake Arthur, Digl Dixon, Hera Lindsay Bird, Harriet Hughes, Lance Cash, Ethan Hunter, Rowan Heeringa, Miriam Looij, Eamonn Marra and Holly Hunter

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