Auckland University Press

Press release:

28 July 2016


Auckland University Press are delighted to announce the foundation of the Gerrard and Marti Friedlander Creative Lives Series. This series represents an outstanding act of philanthropy by Gerrard and Marti Friedlander, who have contributed so much to the arts in New Zealand over the years. In a world where funding is precarious, this sort of philanthropic support for New Zealand publishing is hugely appreciated. The Press has now launched the first book in the series, Peter Simpson’s Bloomsbury South: The Arts in Christchurch 1933–1953.


Press Director Sam Elworthy commented: ‘Publishing first Leonard Bell’s book on Marti Friedlander’s photography and then Marti’s own powerful memoir Self-Portrait, we loved working with Marti and she enjoyed her relationship with the Press. Out of that relationship, we are just thrilled that Gerrard and Marti decided to support a new Creative Lives Series. That support will enable us to create a whole line-up of beautifully produced books that chronicle the creative spirit in this country. Kicking off with Peter Simpson’s Bloomsbury South, we look forward to many great lives and many great books in the years to come.’


For further information contact:

Louisa Kasza
Auckland University Press


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