Auckland Writers Festival delivers poetry

Once again Anne O’Brien serves us a fine feast of poetry. I’ve had a quick flick through the programme. 

There are the Sarah Broome finalists and the shortlist from the Ockham NZ Book Awards. 

Bill Manhire in conversation Eith Pau Muldoon is also doing a music gig.

Out in Aotea Square is the poetry doctor who will proscribe a poem. 

James Sheard will help you unlock the poetry door. 

Tusiata Avia’s new collection will be launched by VUP. 
Slam poets Omar Musuf and Maxine Benebe Clarke are set to go. 

You will find Joan Fleming, Serie Barford, David Eggleton, Cillz McQueen, Lynn Jenner in the programme. 

Vincent O’Sullivan is the guest of honour. 

Bet I missed a few. 

No photos as doing this on my clunky phone in Ohakune. 

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