More info from Phantom Billstickers on poetry submissions

In particular, we are interested in submissions for the Cafe Reader, 3000 words or less, in the form of short stories or editorial.   The Cafe Reader is published quarterly and 12 to15 authors typically appear per issue.

We also publish poems in the zine but typically no more than three per issue so competition for that space is aggressive.

Our authors’ Honoria for the Cafe Reader are $250.00 for fiction and editorial (3000 words or less plus an authors’ bio and whatever input the author can contribute regarding an illustration for the piece – no additional compensation is available for use of photos or original art work used to illustrate each piece; however, we will assist with finding illustrations as necessary).

We pay $150 for poetry submissions that are accepted for the Cafe Reader.  This compensation covers anywhere from 1 to 4 poems per author depending on length.

Submissions to the Cafe Reader must be previously unpublished in any format.  Copy Rights are retained by the author. However, the author agrees that Phantom Billstickers has the right to use the piece in both the Cafe Reader hard copy and digital formats (the Cafe Reader is currently available for download on for both domestic and international distribution.

By submitting, they also agree that the piece published in the Cafe Reader will not be published in any other format between the publication date of the issue where it appears and the publication date of the next quarterly issue of the Cafe Reader.  We do not guarantee which issue any piece will appear in.  When a piece is scheduled to appear a layout will be provided to the author for review and approval prior to publication.

Submission Format  – editable WORD document submitted via email is the preferred format. The author should provide some background information about themselves in conjunction with the submission.

The following is a blurb about the Cafe Reader which may be helpful in pointing writers in the right direction regarding themes:

The Phantom Billstickers Cafe Reader is a quarterly literary zine featuring short stories, poems, art and editorial by New Zealanders.  The stories we publish are heartfelt glimpses into family, community, and the more colourful aspects of the creative life in New Zealand.  Many of our articles and stories revolve around Kiwi music. Our contributors range from globally recognized Kiwi authors to emerging artists who deserve to be heard.

Additionally, Phantom Billstickers publishes 8 poem posters per quarter that are not published in the Cafe Reader.  Poets are not compensated for the first poem we publish on a poster but are paid $75.00 for additional poems that are selected for use over time.  We have been running the poems on posters program for 7 years now and there are many poets who have been published on 2 or more occasions over that time.

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