Kelly Malone’s PhD Fundraiser, Code Gala, features a stellar lineup

Where: Rannoch, 77 Almorah Rd, Auckland

When: Friday 17th July 7pm until 10pm

Ticket Information:

  • Suggested Donation: $40.00
  • Buy Tickets – 0274723669
  • Additional fees may apply

Kelly Malone’s PhD Fundraiser, Code Gala, is an exciting event that brings together upcoming and established New Zealand artists and poets including Wystan Curnow, Murray Edmond, Sara Hughes, and Tessa Laird, who have responded to a selection of Kelly Malone’s poetry. Join us for an evening of entertainment: poetry reading; stop motion film puppet show; display of the artworks created by the artists involved and available for sale, and the sublime voice of Caitlin Smith on her return from Europe. Emcee: Michele Leggott.

Held at Rannoch, home to Sir James Wallace and some of the Wallace Arts Trust collection, you will have the opportunity to view the collection and experience the elegance of Rannoch.

Suggested donation $40. Cash, eft-pos, or cheques made payable to Kelly Malone. Refreshments will be provided.
RSVP to reserve a place.

Friday 7pm, 17th July,
77 Almorah Place,Epsom
Park on Gilgit or Almorah Road and walk down to 77 Almorah Place. No stilettos please.

Kelly Malone is a New Zealand poet whose engagement with poetry in Aotearoa has continued to develop since completing two First Class Masters: Master of Creative Writing in 2009, and Master of Arts in 2012, at the University of Auckland. Subsequently, Kelly has taught and worked alongside poets and writers at the University of Auckland, including Michele Leggott, Paula Morris, Lisa Samuels, and Selina Tusitala-Marsh.

Kelly’s fresh approach to poetry is evident in the reception she has been given internationally from Australia, Canada, and the UK, as well as in local zines both online and in print. The opportunity to study through a government-funded PhD at the University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia, means Kelly can expand her audience and research. Kelly remains engaged with the local scene, spending some of her time in Auckland, and at the University of Auckland, where she has an external supervisor.

To date, Kelly has taught while studying, and although a committed teacher (she cut her teeth in the secondary classroom as an English teacher) the Code Gala Fundraiser is to help her raise funds in order to focus on her PhD in Creative Practice at the University of Newcastle, NSW, fulltime for a semester. Kelly’s topic of research ‘How Performance Writing is Evolving in Oceania’ examines what and how Performance Writing is practised in Oceania. (Performance Writing is how language engages with another media as an event.)

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