hey book lovers, we’re walking on egg shells

It seems every time I turn on the radio or pick up a paper or enter social media some other wretched thing has happened in the New Zealand book world. It all feels so fragile.

Things are sidelined and under threat (NZ Book Awards, NZ Book Month, Te Papa Press, bookshops, review pages and so on).

What we do have feels oh so brittle, as though it might snap or dissolve at any moment.

Three cheers for the NZ festivals that promote books, authors, ideas, narratives, poetry, discussions through inspired and inspiring programmes.

Three cheers for all those publishing NZ books against all odds.

Three cheers for those of us who go out and buy NZ books and then read them.

Three cheers for little initiatives such as the twitter NZ book month. The idea is to tweet a NZ book you love each day in the month idea. Bravo!

Screen shot 2015-05-05 at 3.57.11 PM


What else can we do?

My aim with this blog is to promote and celebrate NZ poetry and I am open to posting reviews and interviews that other people do.  paulagreen@gmail.com

I am open to posting short opinion pieces.

I am open to posting poetry news.

I am even open to posting fiction and non-fiction reviews of NZ books.







3 thoughts on “hey book lovers, we’re walking on egg shells

  1. Kelvin Fowler

    Paula, as much as I love NZ poetry, I would really value news on NZ fiction and non-fiction, especially those published by NZ publishers rather than multi-nationals.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Cheers Kel



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