Poetry Reviews on Poetry Shelf

Poetry reviews are like hen’s teeth these days (okay where does that saying coming from!). Hardly any newspapers publish reviews of poetry (those that do? ODT and The Nelson Mail spring to mind). There is the wonderful Landfall-on-Line, NZ Books and the rare outing in The Listener. What have I missed?

I started Poetry Shelf to address this in part but I never set out to review every poetry book published here. But I do want to flag as many as I can along with events and poetry projects. Realising I can’t get review all the books I have on my desk I will start doing short snapshots. Poetry Shelf doesn’t fill the gap by any means.

What I can do is post the occasional review written by someone else. I am just about to post Emma Neale’s terrific review of three books.

If you would like to review a poetry book or two, let me know as I may make this an occasional series. The currency of this blog however is a love of poetry.

I will make a review page with details that are easily accessed.




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