The Book Show is halfway there– still needs our support

Details to donate here

The Auckland Writers Festival clearly demonstrated how much we love books, conversations about books, and engaging with authors. To have an intelligent book programme on our small screens seems utterly vital as a means to promote our stories and our love of words. It also seems to be a place that will embrace poetry and children’s books as much as fiction and non-fiction. Go support, I say!

From the funding site:

‘Calling all book lovers!

Face TV, working with two of this country’s most well-known book people, wants to respond to audience demand; and produce & screen a weekly TV show.  Called simply THE BOOK SHOW, it will be written and presented by Graham Beattie and Carole Beu.

Graham Beattie has the most widely read book blog in NZ and beyond; and Carole Beu runs the highly successful Women’s Bookshop in Ponsonby – and also beyond!

Both of them are chatty and charming and amazingly informed about the written word – whether it’s in print or on your Kindle or Kobo.

Each week the programme will feature author interviews, reviews and great reads from both NZ contributors and visiting international book people.

Face Television (formerly Triangle TV) is Sky’s non-profit public media contribution and started broadcasting early this year – filling a gap in the media landscape and allowing independent programme makers and communities the opportunity to create and broadcast content nationwide.

THE BOOK SHOW will be screened weekly on Face TV – prime time with a daytime repeat; as well as being made available online.

Because Face TV is a non-profit television service we are able to produce a 12 part series for $6,000 and we’re looking for donations to fund this.

To see more of Graham and Carole’s work visit:

Beatties Book Blog

Women’s Bookshop




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