Poetry Shelf Occasional Poems: essa may ranapiri’s ‘Three Siblings on the End of The World as They Know It’

Three Siblings on the End of The World as They Know It

for Lyssa, Ruby & Michelle


to kick the night
into something

it feels good
for light to break in


someone makes a joke about
the great divorce
the wind doesn’t
find it very funny
doesn’t even crack a smile

they close their eyes and start to blow


prefers the dark
and the warmth one day they will be
strong enough to
parent trap the
earth and the sky
back together

essa may ranapiri

essa may ranapiri (Ngaati Raukawa, Te Arawa, Ngaati Pukeko, Clan Gunn) is a person who lives on Ngaati Wairere whenua. Author of ransack and ECHIDNA. PhD student looking at how poetry by taangata takataapui engages with computer technology. Co-editor of Kupu Toi Takataapui | Takataapui Literary Journal with Michelle Rahurahu. They have a great love for language, LAND BACK and hot chips. Thanks as always goes to their ancestors, who are everything. They will write until they’re dead.

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