Poetry Shelf noticeboard: National Poetry Day online – Shouting into the Void: Six Poets One Megaphone

Event by National Poetry Day and Food Court

Price: Free

Public  · Anyone on or off Facebook

UPDATE: Obviously this event won’t be happening as we had planned on Saturday due to the current Covid restrictions. However, we will be holding an online event via Zoom instead!

Our readers will be:
Tarns Hood 😁
Lîm Kado 🥵
Jordan Hamel 😵
Rebecca Mary 🤢
Freya Daly Sadgrove 😭
and Jackson Nieuwland 🤓

Stay tuned for the Zoom link on Saturday afternoon!

Six uncontainable poets burst off the page and out of the bookshop, taking to the street outside Food Court Books. Their mission: to make themselves heard with the help of a megaphone. They will barrage the audience and passing traffic with loud, brash, and emotional poetry. No one is safe when poets roam the streets.Presented as part of PHANTOM National Poetry Day 2021.

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