Poetry Shelf Monday Poem: Apirana Taylor’s ‘rawene 2018 Sep 16’

rawene 2018 Sep 16

in the early afternoon of my life
as i write outside the cafe listen
to the maestro play slow jazz
on his sleepy guitar floating
me down the river of good dreams
through memories of last night
when the poets danced as never before
the sky seeps the grey wash of dawn
into the waters of the hokianga
the inlet gently laps over the muddy
brown silt and i’m glad i made
the journey at this time
                        up this way ….

Apirana Taylor

Apirana Taylor, Ngati Porou, Te Whanau a Apanui, Ngati Ruanui, Te Ati Awa, is a nationally and internationally published poet, playwright, short story writer, novelist, actor, painter and musician. He has been Writer in Residence at Canterbury and Massey Universities. He frequently tours nationally and internationally visiting schools, tertiary institutions and prisons reading his poetry, storytelling and taking creative writing workshops. He has written six collections of poetry, a book of plays, three collections of short stories, and two novels. His work has been included in many national and international anthologies.

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