Poetry Shelf connections: my Herald poem


my NZ Herald poem 2nd May 2020 from ongoing series they are publishing



It sees like some of our beach communities are being torn apart over beach access. Now that people can drive to their local beach it makes it an even more volatile subject. Do people measure how far they drive to collect takeaways? The only place within walking distance for me is more road. I strongly believe we need to work together for the good of our communities but we need kindness and empathy as our community glue. The Bethells Beach / Te Henga gates are locked still so miles of cars are backing up – but if all the people like me (who live a short drive away drive there) then that will make a beach load of cars. I do want to resume my early morning beach walks and go splashing in the shallows. I do want our small communities to connect with love and understanding. Some things need calling out through the correct channels (violence, spitting, breaking social distance, rudeness to essential workers, travel long distances) but driving to a local beach is now a Government approved activity.


Kia kaha

Keep safe

Ngā miihi nui

Paula Green

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