Visible Ink seeks submissions

full details here

Visible Ink wants your words, your art, and your hot take on Trace — the theme of our thirtieth edition. An annual literary anthology, we are accepting submissions of fiction and non-fiction, poetry and visual art. All published contributors will be paid — see below for rates.

The trace edition:

As both verb and noun, the word ‘trace’ invokes the dialectical nature of human connection. We trace the call, or we hang up. A trace is a mark of existence or passing. It is a harness-strap. It is a shadowed past tense that we cast unwillingly or pursue in search of the present. It is the memory of a thing, not the thing itself. A trace is scarcely discernible. It is latent, yet often imperative. We trace things to the fount, or wish the trail cold. A trace is a bullet whose course is made visible by a spoor of flames or smoke, used to assist in aiming. It is a warm gun: did you shoot or were you shot?

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