My stack of poetry books to read




Dear poetry fans

Thank you so much for your support this year: your contributions, emails, invitations, challenges and poetry conversations!

I still have a sizable tower of New Zealand poetry books I have been sent this year and I am keen to read them over the next few months. Poetry seems to have got a bit more attention in 2017 or am I imagining it? I started Poetry Shelf because it felt like so many local arrivals vanished into the ether and I’d stumble upon them by chance. Reviews were few and far between. However, it feels like we are part of myriad poetry communities that are doing myriad things in diverse ways, with distinctive voices, and these connections matter.

Yesterday I finished a major draft of my book on NZ women’s poetry – and I just don’t have the time to write an end of year set of crackers and tinsel. This year I am not posting the annual monster roundup by local poetry fans of favourite reads from any time and any place. Next year the blog will spark back into renewed action, but I will post little pieces to highlight my summer poetry delights as I can.

Thank you for sending books. I might not write about them all, but I will read them all and definitely showcase some.

I am about to a post a poem from a little book that caught my attention as my Happy Summer time toast to you all.

Meanwhile I am taking a week out to reboot with novels, movies, the garden and early morning runs and swims on the beach – not to mention long periods gazing at the sky.

Warm regards



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