National Flash Fiction short lists

National Flash Fiction Day New Zealand

Because life is short. And so is some of the best fiction.

Congratulations to the 2017 short-listed writers! Winners will be announced June 22 at the NFFD events. Come one, come all!

The 2017 NFFD Short Lists


Birdman in Aotea Square by Anita Arlov, Auckland

Gunshots are too common by Patrick Pink, Auckland

It Won’t Happen Again by Shani Naylor, Wellington

Kinaesthesia by Allan Drew, Auckland

Peace and Quiet by Derek Jones, Auckland

Scar Tissue by Nikki Crutchley, Cambridge

Scout by Robyn Maree Pickens, Dunedin

Shipboard Romance by Fiona Lincoln, Lower Hutt

Spindrift by Janis Freegard, Wellington

The Chlorinated Mermaid by Nikki Crutchley, Cambridge

The Math of Me by Jessica Thompson, Dunedin

Three Dresses by Jessie Puru, Auckland

When Winter Comes Again by Rachel Smith, Christchurch



Cake and Ice Cream by Jana Heise

Dear Satan by Asha Clark

Excuses by Joy Tong

Interchange by Freya Kelly

Ode to Joy by Monica Koster

The Brass Angels by Russell Boey

The Carnival by Dominic Botherway

The Cold by Joy Tong

The Worry Troll That Lives in a Cave in My Head by Annick Laird

What Happens Next by Jacinta van der Linden


The winning stories will be published in the special winter edition of  Flash Frontier: An Adventure in Short Fiction –– forthcoming in July/August.

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