Mimicry – a new journal for friends

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Holly Hunter has edited a new journal of work by her friends. Mimicry includes poetry, prose, art and nonfiction (and more!). In her preface, Holly declares this issue is an act of nepotism because the contributors are her ‘incredibly talented and creatively driven friends.’ She says : ‘I wanted to collect them like Weet-Bix trading cards and publish them, so here we are.’

Bravo! I love this idea.  I do hope another poet decides to come up with a collection based on his or her own friendships and biases. Most names I don’t recognise (what a treat!) but Nina Powles and Hera Lindsay Bird jumped out at me.

This is a good read. Yes! Holly Hunter I am ‘walking away cradling something far more than I paid for it.’


from ( a new and wonderful discovery) Russell Coldicutt’s ‘Translators’ Note’


‘These worms are glowworms hanging from the roofs

of our mouths, and we can never really be sure

if they light up when out lips seal them in.’


I especially love Nina Powles’s prose piece, ‘Hungry girls’:

‘I’ve been learning Chinese for three years now but there are still many days when language fails me, when it feels like food is all that ties me to this home my family brought to me from far away.’


And Jake Arthur’s  ‘He in the harp’:


‘I watch him play his sad instrument.

It feels wrong to play a harp in the garage.’


Or Miriam Looij’s ‘Premonition’


‘I don’t think its that cool to like Ginsburg anymore, but I’m still jealous of him.’


And a taste of Hera Lindsay Bird’s twitchety prose piece:

‘Every time I have my heart broken I become stupid and tolerable. I look at plants and animals and cry. To be honest, it’s a relief. When I am in a relationship I forget how to be a person. I stand around asking people how they are, like a lonely bank teller.’


Mimicry details here

You can purchase here

or at Vic Books and Unity Books in Wellington

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