National Poetry Day in Wellington


I loved National Poetry Day in Wellington so much I want to go back there again next year! I only managed four sessions but they each had their own character and stuck to me like limpets. I came away with some new poems in my head I couldn’t stop musing over.

In my piece for the NZ Herald for Poetry Day I said: ‘Some poems don’t suit us and some poems are a match made in heaven.’ And so I have asked a few of the poets to let me post a few pieces on the blog over the next week or so. For me, their poems were a match made in heaven.

I spent my time jumping in taxis to spare my foot budget barely having a change to talk poetry with all the poetry fans. All the events were packed, the atmosphere sweet with poetry.

The last event though was genius. A bunch of writers and readers talked about a poem they loved in Aro Valley Hall. This was organised by Hannah Mettner and Magnolia Wilson and was so good I think it should feature in every city’s/town’s/village’s lineup. Bravo.

Bravo Miriam Barr, Phantom Billstickers, the NZ Book Awards group, the National Library, Vic Books and Unity Books for a terrific day.

Anybody who wants to send me a short piece on Poetry Day elsewhere I would love to balance my biased experience!


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