a new journal to be launched


From Mimicry (not sure who will be in this or who produces it):

Mimicry launches this Thursday, this Thursday, THIS THURSDAY. Did you know that people will remember something if it’s said three times in a row? This may or may not be true.

Our PDF download is now available to pre-order and features a whole five fewer mistakes than what you’ll find in the hardcopy. We’ll email you a link on the launch date.

A limited number of the hardcopy journal will be available at Unity Books Wellington as of Thursday 28 July.

At this stage it’s looking like the hardcopy will sell out, so if you think you’ll arrive late to the launch, you can order online and secure a copy to pickup.

Use the code ‘launchpickup’ to negate shipping costs (the website will take this off the product cost, making it $2, and the total will balance at $7). Put in a real or fake address; it doesn’t matter. Do not use this code for ordering multiple copies (please email mimicryjournal@gmail.com instead).

All orders come through and are dispatched from Mimicry HQ, so I promise an invisible US entity will not rob you—at least, not through our website.

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