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a poetry-reading album for my new book



Last night we had a big poetry reading at Gow Langsford Gallery in the middle of Michael’s show to celebrate the arrival of New York Pocket Book. It was a really special occasion with 15 poets reading city poems by themselves and others. It felt like our art family (of Michael and I) was hosting my poetry family. Such warmth and empathy in the room. Such a good turn out (over 60 at one point), with poets not reading coming along too. So generous. The readings underlined why there is so much to love about poetry in NZ.

Helen Rickerby has done such a gorgeous job on the book – taking precious time out from her life as a poet. I can never overlook that.

No notes on the readings – I just wanted to savour a free ticket to the world courtesy of poems. And I loved it.

So thank you poets and thank you audience for making this occasion memorable.




Helen Rickerby, Seraph Press

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a clutch of poets to celebrate my new book tonight



Such nervous anticipation as poets wait to see poems become book object.

I am no exception. Finally I have a copy of New York Pocket Book and I so love what Helen Rickerby from Seraph Press has done. It is like a little guide book I could take to NYC in my purse. I picture myself writing a suite of city pocket books so I could have a little row of them on my shelf. What madness. Rome Pocket Book. London Pocket Book. Paris Pocket Book. But I have always wanted to go to Barcelona. If only.

Tonight , well at 5pm, I am looking forward to 15 poets taking us on a mini world trip with city poems. The links might be tenuous but that is part of the delight.

When: 5 until 7 pm

Where: Gow Langsford Gallery, Lorne Street (in Michael’s show)


Paula Green, Helen Rickerby, Angela Andrews, Sophie Van Waardenberg, Courtney Sina Meredith, Murray Edmond, Vana Manasiadis,  Sophia Johnson, Gregory Kan, Michele Leggott, Albert Wendt, Janet Charman, Steven Toussaint, CK Stead, Robert Sullivan.

You are most welcome!




An Ode to the Very Good Dumpling Food Truck


Very Good Dumplings


no rain nor hail nor thunder how surprising

surprising my first very good dumplings

warm and perfect, fresh dumpling bites

of Japan light such lovely rumba on the tongue

or Nepal’s soothing balm and how embarrassing

I do a warm and perfect jig in the mongrel dog wind

by the sea at Cox’s Bay sweet herb salad to the side

the cobalt blue sky a clean sheet of a day


Paula Green

Oh my gosh! The Very Good Dumpling Truck will be at Cox’s Bay¬† Wednesday to Saturday from 11 am until 3pm. I will drive in especially for these!




Poetry NZ open for submissions

From editor Jack Ross:
From today (Sunday, May 1st: Mayday) onwards, Poetry NZ is open for submissions for the next yearbook. This will be appearing in Late February / early March next year, from our new publisher Massey University Press, and thereafter at the beginning of each year.

Submissions close on 31st July.

For further advice on how to submit, please look at this page on our website. Please note: no more than five poems at a time, of any length, on any theme, in any style. This editor has also written a few advisory comments of his own in this post, below.

As well as poetry, we’re also interested in essays and other prose comments on poetics and allied subjects. Remember, too, that all poems sent in for this issue are eligible to be considered for the Poetry NZ Poetry Prize, as mentioned in another post below.


See here for journal site