Flavorwire via Beatties Blog: Are Literary Awards Biased Against Books About Women?

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For the rest of the piece see here. Fascinating! Are we seeing a predominance of men in NZ winning awards, dominating subject matter of books published? This article got me thinking. There is a currently a wave of young feminists, unashamedly so; is there a lethargy about gender inequity in older generations? Should this matter? There is no way the NZ publishing scene is at it was in the mid-twentieth century but are we witnessing various gender slides?  I am about to post the call for Poet Laureate nominations. How many women Poet Laureates have we had? When was the last one? Does this matter? Certainly not to take any gloss of the appointment of recent male poets whose work and contribution to NZ poetry is outstanding.

I have started work on a book with a focus on women so these questions are right in my line of vision. Food for thought.

2 thoughts on “Flavorwire via Beatties Blog: Are Literary Awards Biased Against Books About Women?

  1. kaycee1013

    Thank you for sharing what is a very thought-provoking article.

    I think New Zealand poetry is doing okay in terms of gender balance of awards given. Of the nine poet laureates from the inception of the Te Mata Estate laureates in the 1990s, four have been women – the last of which were Michelle Leggott (2007/09) and Cilla McQueen (2009/11). Also, if you think about the finalists in the Sarah Broom Poetry Prize for this year and last, five of the six finalists were women and of the two winners, one has been a woman. Order of New Zealand awards have gone to two women (Margaret Mahy and Janet Frame) and three men (Albert Wendt, Allen Curnow, CK Stead).



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