Abandon Normal Instruments – an editorial Kirsten McDougall has written for Horoeka Reading

Abandon Normal Instruments: A Call for Change in New Zealand Literary Arts

  • by Kirsten McDougall

    In 2015 the public face of the literary arts in Aotearoa is in a sad state, a worn discarded toy that many people have forgotten how to play with. Publishers here and internationally have been caught like a possum in headlights by the dramatic changes to the industry and society at large. Those responsible for the guardianship of the literary arts in Aotearoa have failed to respond adequately to the pressures they are under and they are stagnating. It is time for writers and arts advocates to abandon their normal instruments, their usual ways of working. It is time to show real leadership and move the scene to a position of renewal. We need to articulate the value of literature to our society and clearly demonstrate the various ways it enriches our existence.

    For the rest of this timely piece go here. The recent losses/holds are like splinters in NZ Literary Arts. As readers and writers we exist in a state of continual erosion. Do we need a holistic approach? Do we need numerous little initiatives buzzing from the ground up? Do we need the big agencies facing our current challenges together?

    Brava Kirsten! This was sparking.

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