Poetry Shelf noticeboard: Peta-Maria Tunui and Charles Olsen win Ó Bhéal’s 8th International Poetry-Film Competition with ‘Noho Mai’

We are thrilled to announce the winner of Ó Bhéal’s 8th International Poetry-Film Competition – Noho Mai.

Our warm congratulations to filmmakers Peta-Maria Tunui (also the poet), Waitahi Aniwaniwa McGee, Shania Bailey-Edmonds Jesse-Ana Harris, Lilián Pallares and Charles Olsen.

Noho Mai’s creators receive the Ó Bhéal award for best poetry-film, designed by glass artist Michael Ray. ‘Symbolized in the bird’s flight, a group of Māori, Pākehā and Colombian creatives explore life’s journey, the longing to return to the nest, and the life-giving connection with our ancestors.’

Judges’ Comments:

“And so, I was drawn into this beautifully filmed, beautiful soundscape, delivered with a natural ease, the first time I watched all the wonderful poetry films submitted to this competition. The sparse lines of the poem ran along the wind of the film with powerful imagery. Strong but subtle. Neither the text, nor the image in the frame, collided –  but fused together. The visual elements I was looking for were right there. The text of the poem was powering the vision in this beautiful language, I could not help but respond warmly to this film. It was a huge challenge to choose one overall winner in such a feast of poetry films, one which shone. This one did it for me. Congratulations all.” – Dairena Ní Chinnéide  

“An absolutely stunning film. The finely wrought dance of words, visuals, music, pace and the dreamlike cadences of the Māori language. Noho Mai delivered everything I look for in a poetry film. A moving, beautiful poem and universal, timeless core of meaning which speaks also to our particularly detached and disconnected times. The filmmaking is a testament to the power of collaborative vision, crafted through the generous talents of six visual artists from New Zealand, Colombia and Spain. I would encourage any and all to relish this gleaming and worthy winner. An exquisite poetry film. – Paul Casey

The link is here

Here’s what Charles Olsen said — commenting on the award on Facebook: 
Kia ora, it has been wonderful seeing all the films in the festival. Congratulations to all the filmmakers and poets! And a big thank you on behalf of our team to Dairena and Paul for selecting Noho Mai. 

Noho Mai grew out of a workshop Peta-Maria Tunui, Lilian Pallares and myself set up just as we were going into the first lockdown in Spain and New Zealand back in March and it was a wonderful and often moving experience working together with young talented Māori creatives. To see its flight to festivals and audiences around the world has been amazing and to receive this award is very special for all of us.

Thank you! Ngā mihi nui ki a koutou. 🌿💙

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