Poetry Shelf noticeboard: National Flash Fiction Day updates

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It is mid-March and time to get excited about National Flash Fiction Day! But we’re also mindful of the changes we’re facing in these precarious times and so… we begin with news and updates around March workshops.
Workshops: Virtual, Real, Surreal…
There are only a few weeks to submit to the National Flash Fiction Day competition, and we mark this half-way point in the competition with a series of workshops led by previous NFFD judges and winners.

Note: Workshops were scheduled to take place this month in Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin, Kerikeri and the Waikato. Some of these workshops have been cancelled due to uncertainties around Covid-19; some have been moved to virtual meetings. See the NFFD Events page for updates.

We wish everyone good health and a safe March.

We hope there’s no stopping creativity in these precarious times, which means the online NFFD competition is still open for your submissions…
National Flash Fiction Day Interviews
2020 judges, Helen Heath and Sandra Arnold
fingers comma toes journal, host of the 2020 youth competition
National Flash Fiction Day Submissions
Even as we watch what’s happening with COVID-19, the NFFD competition, which runs online each year, is an exciting way to share works of fiction from around Aotearoa New Zealand. Write small – think big! If you are being careful about attending events, we urge you to take some quiet time and polish those small stories.

You have until mid-April to send your best 300 words to the NFFD comp! See how to enter on the competition page.

And for the youth competition: go here to find out more about the 2020 competition, free entry and international!
We wish you all good luck in the 2020 competition.
And good health.

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