Poetry Shelf noticeboard: Sweet Mammalian calls for submissions

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It’s a leap year babieeeees and we want YOUR leaps of faith in this year of our lady 2020 for the Sweet Mammalian spicy election special.

Get het up about it – everything you love is political and we want to hear what and who you care for. Not party politicians but your sisters and brothers, your babes, your brutes, your ride or dies, your bois, your bus drivers, your worshippers, your nan, your neighbours kicked out of the damp flat down the road…

Send us your best poems.  Send us your experiences of well-being and hell-being. Mould manifestos; hope-fooled love letters; climate doomsdays; down with the single use plastic bag & up with tino flags at Ihumātao; anxiety med prescriptions; close encounters with generation greed; rental mental ills… or anything you please.

This year we’re interested in poems that touch on politics cos that’s the time in the place we live in, but don’t feel obliged to contort your work to the theme if you have something potent to share with us.

Send up to five poems of any length to , ideally in an editable format (eg Word or Google docs).

Submissions will be open from now until 31 May 2020, towards a pre-election launch in August.


Send us your writing, be it a roar, purr, or pip-squeak.

Sweet Mammalian aims for diversity and inclusiveness—we want all different kinds of poetry, from all different kinds of writers. In order to make this possible we need your submissions, so send us your thrilling writing!

Check back here for updates, or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

Send all submissions to swetmammalian@gmail.com





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