At The Spin Off: Vana Manasiadis on Tātai Whetū: Seven Māori Women Poets in Translation

Following on from a Wellington Readers and Writers Festival highlight


Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 10.26.45 AM.png


‘Because what language actually means in Aotearoa is a pretty big kōrero. It’s words, yes, but it’s also what our shared breaths mean, our stares, our ancestors under our skin, tā moko and occupation and recognition. In Aotearoa, as in any place where indigenous language has had no choice but to respond to colonisation and language tune-out (at best), translation to or from te reo is completely political. Of course it is. The language choices are political. The access is political. The results are political.’ Vana Manasiadis

‘When does it start’ Maraea Rakuraku’s poem

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