IIML Creative Writing graduates showcased

Love this series. Heard the fist of these and they are excellent! – Paula



Creative Writing Master of Arts (MA) graduates from Victoria University of Wellington’s International Institute of Modern Letters (IIML) are having their work broadcast on Radio New Zealand (RNZ)’s ‘Nine to Noon’ programme, hosted by Kathryn Ryan.

This is the second year of the reading series, Page Numbers, and this time it has been extended to a fortnight to showcase more of the new writing, described by Kathryn Ryan as “remarkable for the diversity and quality”.

Page Numbers runs from April 9 – 20 and features fiction and memoir by Clare Moleta, Sudha Rao, Linda Collins, Kirsten Griffiths, Lynne Robertson, Sharon Lam, Mia Gaudin, Anthony Lapwood and Maria Samuela—all 2017 IIML Master of Arts graduates.

“We’re delighted to continue this collaboration with RNZ, and that listeners have a chance to connect with this brand new work from a range of voices,” says IIML Senior Lecturer Emily Perkins.

“Listeners will hear tales of intense loss and suppressed love, as well as hot and humorous dating instructions, and hope in unexpected places,” says Ms Perkins. “They’ll find townspeople struggling through climate catastrophe; a clone negotiating personal relationships on a mission to Mars; sex workers dealing with the streets of Wellington; and a family arriving in Dunedin from Pondicherry in 1968, among other pieces. There are stories everywhere, and these new writers have much to tell.”

Page Numbers airs on ‘Nine to Noon’ on RNZ at 10:45am weekdays.

Mon 9th April Safer by Clare Moleta
Tue 10th April Margam: And So (Pt 1) by Sudha Rao
Wed 11th April Margam: And So (Pt 2) by Sudha Rao
Thur 12th April Not Ash by Linda Collins
Fri 13th April Nostalgia by Kirsten Griffiths
Mon 16th April I Love You Darling Loretta by Lynne Robertson
Tues 17th April Potluck by Sharon Lam
Wed 18th April Volcano by Mia Gaudin
Thur 19th April Jack by Anthony Lapwood
Fri 20th April Love Rules for Island Boys by Maria Samuela

Following the initial broadcast, listeners can go online to listen to the series again.






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