Interview with Anne Kennedy at Turbine: ‘The mirage of writing keeps moving’




This is a terrific interview (interviewed by Evangeline Riddiford Graham and Elizabeth Baikie) from Anne Kennedy as her Residency  at Victoria University draws to a close.

Full interview here.


In this place, at this time, what are you reading? 

I’ve just finished Helene Wong’s memoir, Being Chinese, which is a beautiful and moving book. I felt ashamed and inspired at once reading about the racism that was dealt to the Chinese community here, and how despite that they just got on with it. I’ve been reading what I bring home from Wellington book launches: Nick Ascroft’s Back With the Human Condition, hilarious and serious poetry, a good combination; Sarah Laing’s Mansfield and Me which I binge-read one weekend and then found myself with a Laing-like running commentary in my head. Lee Posna’s riveting Arboretum. I’m reading a novel by Susanna Moore, Sleeping Beauties, which interests me because it’s set in Hawai`i.



Some favourite quotes:

‘Writing is in defiance of the material world even though it’s often a representation of it.’

 ‘Who will write about here, apart from us?’
‘Basically my writing life is made up of getting enthusiastic about a form or medium, deciding it’s too something, too rhythmic, not rhythmic enough, and trying another one.’

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