Poetry Shelf: Stop Press – The Lives of Coat Hangers by Sudesh Mishra

otago291605   otago291605


Otago University Press recently released The Lives of Coat Hangers by Sudesh Mishra (January 2016).

Sudesh has previously published four books of poetry and is currently Professor of English at The University of the South Pacific in Suva. He has taught at universities in Scotland, Fiji and Australia.

Sudesh is flagged ‘as a philosophical poet, one preoccupied not only with how meaning is made, but with how meaning is manifested in the modern world.’

He is heralded as ‘a major poetic voice in the South Pacific.’

The cover features a striking image by John Pule.



from ‘A Rose is a Rose’


In the simple poem composed simply

The sun’s never likened to a brass gong.

Conceits fail to plunge from the sky. A song

Is sung for the joy of singing freely.

No noun strays into rouged avenues.





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