Just out: Landfall 230 is a strongly multicultural issue – includes Grattan Awards poems

Landfall 230


Press release:


Landfall 230 is a strongly multicultural issue, reflecting the diversity and energy of contemporary New Zealand writing, with contributions by, among others, writers of Mexican, Samoan, Rotuman, Chinese, Irish and Indian backgrounds.

A significant series of just-completed small oil paintings by Jeffrey Harris make up the first stunning art portfolio in this issue, followed by a series of 2015 paintings by Emily Karaka.


Featuring new poems by Riemke Ensing, Michael Harlow, Fiona Kidman, Cilla McQueen, Robert Sullivan, Peter Olds, Bernadette Hall, Airini Beautrais, Olivia Macassey, Kay McKenzie Cooke, Carolyn McCurdie, Hannah Mettner, Joanna Preston and Rogelio Guedea (translated by Roger Hickin) — Landfall 230 demonstrates the vitality and range of current poetic practice in New Zealand.

The Landfall Review includes, among other reviews, William Dart’s commentary on a recently published collection of writings by composer Douglas Lilburn; Peter Simpson’s review of Charles Brasch: Selected Poems; David Herkt writing about novelist James Courage; and Paul Moon’s review of Tony Ballantyne’s Entanglements of Empire: Missionaries, Māori and the question of the body.

Emma Neale, judge of the 2015 Kathleen Grattan Poetry Award, takes us through the difficult process of choosing a winner; and there is a showcase selection of the four best essays from the 2015 Landfall Essay Competition – eloquent, passionate, exhilarating non-fiction delivered by Tracey Slaughter, Philip Braithwaite, Louise Wallace and Therese Lloyd.

Celebrating the power of the literary imagination with inside stories and true confessions, short fictions and thoughtful critiques, Landfall 230 is testament to the rich variety and dynamism of the current state of New Zealand culture.



Landfall 230

Edited by David Eggleton

Release Date: November 2015

ISBN 978-1-877578-91-5, $30


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