Poetry Shelf poems: Amy Marguerite’s ‘Locations of Interest’


       Locations of Interest

       I am beginning the current lockdown with a reflection.

       Since last lockdown I’ve

  • Acquired my full drivers license
  • Chipped my two front teeth in Ponsonby
  • Learned how to bottle-feed a newborn
  • Lived in four different houses
  • Cried myself to sleep in four different beds
  • Experienced my first optical migraine
  • Wondered why age is more salient than a person’s humanity
  • Bonded with two new felines
  • Decided that emotional pain does have a location
  • Apologised for being an absent friend
  • Used the word ‘sorry’ unnecessarily/too many times
  • Stopped going to the gym
  • Slept for an entire day
  • Fallen out of & back in love with my body
  • Consumed copious amounts of cheese & wine
  • Dismantled my obsession with the Virginia-Vita romance
  • Had poetry published in literary magazines
  • Swum with phosphorescent plankton at Campbells Beach
  • Almost set fire to my diary collection
  • Taken the ECP (x2)
  • Sung lullabies to my plants in the morning
  • Left people before they could leave me
  • Read the Psalms
  • Taught myself how to play the acoustic guitar
  • Started back on antidepressants
  • Accidentally/intentionally continued my streak of not speaking in lectures
  • Developed a particular fondness for the Tūī bird
  • Developed a severe hatred for money
  • Tried tart cherry juice to aid sleep
  • Redefined sex
  • Learned how to use MYOB (business software)
  • Made a new best friend
  • Dropped the same university paper twice
  • Been somebody I’m not
  • Chopped open a kina on the ocean floor
  • Taken a liking to capers
  • Convinced myself into & out of heterosexual preference (laughable)
  • Had an article published in the paper
  • Continued to be hopelessly in love with a person
  • Been trapped in an elevator for an hour
  • Stopped starving myself (hurrah)
  • Realised all my prayers are pleas
  • Become a better (more present/attentive/responsive) listener
  • Come to terms with my idiosyncrasies
  • Read Romantic poetry in the Mount Street Cemetery
  • Trained myself to lucid dream
  • Drawn dead hydrangeas all over my exercise book
  • Relished walks in the rain
  • Immediately & overly attached to affection
  • Regularly flossed my teeth
  • Signed up to Twitter
  • Endured the worst acute gastroenteritis ever
  • Compulsively kept a blog & dream journal
  • Watched my little sister fight her eating disorder
  • Slept overnight on a boat (x2)
  • Experienced Mal de Debarquement Syndrome (x2) 
  • Composed a song about bathtubs & windows
  • Dined & dialogued with accomplished authors
  • Worn in two pairs of blister-conducive leather shoes
  • Decided I like the colour orange

Amy Marguerite

Amy Marguerite (she/her) is a 23 year old writer and student based in Te Whanganui-a-Tara. Her work has featured in WORD – The Front Line, Salient, Salty Magazine, NZ Herald, Milly Magazine, and the New Zealand Young Writers Festival. Amy’s blog.

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