Poetry Shelf noticeboard: Writers on Mondays – Dinah Hawken, Lynn Jenner, Bill Manhire


Presented by Dinah Hawken; Lynn Jenner; Bill Manhire

Writers on Mondays

5th Aug 2019 12:15pm to 5th Aug 2019 1:15pm

Te Marae, Level 4, Te Papa


Dig Deeper: Dinah Hawken and Lynn Jenner talk to Bill Manhire


Dinah Hawken’s urgent yet contemplative poems have been celebrated in Aotearoa since her award-winning début, It Has No Sound and is Blue (1987).

In There Is No Harbour, Hawken sets the depth of injustice Māori have endured in Taranaki against her own family history in search of greater clarity in the present.

In her new book, PEAT, Lynn Jenner enlists poet and Landfall editor Charles Brasch to help her think through aspects of the land and the national character unearthed by the construction of the Kāpiti Expressway.

Two Kāpiti writers, who share a conviction that the past is not a foreign country but everywhere at hand if only we know how to look, join chair Bill Manhire in what promises to be a fascinating discussion.






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