A photo gallery: A Flock of Starlings

This was one of my favourite festival events, that I touch upon in my forthcoming festival diary.  I hope to post that this afternoon! And I am most definitely posting some poems!! New Zealand poetry is in very good heart. Three cheers for mentors Louise Wallace and Francis Cooke, the Starling editors and event mcs.

All photos by me (sorry Francis my photos of you were a washout!).



Lousie Wallace



Claudia Jardine



Emma Shi



Essa Ranapiri



Henrietta Bollinger



Sharon Lam



Sophie van Waardenberg



Tayi Tibble



Joy Holley



the participants with Francis Cooke and Louise Wallace

2 thoughts on “A photo gallery: A Flock of Starlings

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  2. Therese Lloyd

    How lovely! I didn’t make this session unfortunately, but by lovely coincidence, I met Essa Ranapiri just yesterday in the NZ section at the Waikato Uni library…we both walked away with armfuls of each others book recommendations. I love those experiences.
    xx Therese



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