Poetry Shelf Winter Season: Courtney Sina Meredith off-piste




Please be

an uprising


scissor my

black lace




be light


I’m scared of losing my faith

in people


I’m scared of losing my face


when I look into silver

your lips kiss all the shit away


I want an electric guitar

with a big circle amp


someone beautiful could sit there

& fuss over me


I like controlling the sea from my bedroom

bleeding & tearing the moon


I like howling at my octopus tits

one in every room


I’m a virgin



a baby grand

next to mops and brooms


please keep calling me


so I can watch

your name flash angry blue


a storm

under my pillow


electric lines smile in the sky


with my smallest finger

in the smallest hour

I trace the maze


you were good at holding me

when the rain had nobody to fall on


you were good at knowing

souls from bodies


I still wear my organs like 80s leather

I still hear your voice in the corner              be light              be light


©Courtney Sina Meredith


Author note: I was 22 when I wrote this and in a lot of pain, I had no idea what was ahead of me, ignorance really is bliss. Months later I would undergo my first major operation and my endometriosis would be confirmed. I was channeling ancestors and trashing lovers and asking myself to keep on giving when I really felt like there was nothing left to give.

Courtney Sina Meredith is a poet, playwright, fiction writer and musician based in Auckland. She’s held a number of international writers’ residencies including the prestigious Fall Residency at the University of Iowa. In 2012 Meredith published her first book of poems, Brown Girls in Bright Red Lipstick, and in 2016 launched a collection of short stories, Tail of the Taniwha, with Beatnik Publishing.

Courtney Sina Meredith, 2017 Arts Queensland Poet in Residence, will talk to Annie Te Whiu of Queensland Poetry Festival about her poetry, and the importance of place and politics in her writing, see here.


From Paula: For Poetry Shelf’s Winter Season, I invited 12 poets to pick one of their own poems that marks a shift in direction, that is outside the usual tracks of their poetry, that moves out of character, that nudges comfort zones of writing. It might be subject matter, style, form, approach, tone, effect, motivation, borrowings, revelation, invention, experimentation, exclusions, inclusions, melody …. anything!



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