Great! Gregory O’Brien talks to Kim Hill about Hera Lindsay Bird




Some people really love it -some people really hate it

The book might appeal to spinsters

Average age at her launch … 22


The average age at Writers and Readers … 60


There’s hyperbole going on

They’re very literary and very relaxed

She goes to town with similes


There’s a charm to it and an anarchy to it

These poems can be quite shocking

There’s lots of sex and death

Lots more sex than death


Makes me think of Frank O’Hara

Is this just theatre, is this just writing

It’s amazing to read cover to cover

because it’s so full of shots/shocks


Here’s the one where she goes insane

With the similes

Some are fairly genius


She is a great maker of imagery

Sometimes you feel like it might have been flung

at her from the internet


She seems to have taken people by the scruff

of the neck, she’s come out of nowhere


Here’s poetry making a dramatic

and high octane comeback




Listen here

(plus Hera reading a few poems -her voice melodic, soft, soothing – whatever the subject matter)


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