Poetry Shelf 2016



Time to kick start Poetry Shelf back to life for 2016 as I get set to kick off a moon boot!

This year I will post poetry reviews, interviews with New Zealand poets, poetry news from anywhere, event details, competition details, poems that I fall in love with, and whatever else takes my fancy.

I particularly want to keep you aware of poetry books that are released in New Zealand. With a big new book on the go, I cannot promise to review all books released, but this year I do want to flag all arrivals.

Please send copies so I can highlight them (and perhaps review, set up an interview, post a poem from) on the blog.  I do want to support the grassroot presses! See address below.

I am also happy to consider pieces by other writers whether reviews, interviews or musings on poetry.

This blog continues to run on the currency of love so I cannot pay people who contribute.

New Zealand desperately needs poetry forums. Poetry books so seldom get attention in mainstream media. In 2016 I will work hard to celebrate and critique our poetry and create an ongoing resource for poetry fans.

Any way you can think of to strengthen this aim is much appreciated.


Paula Green


PO Box 95078 Swanson Waitakere 0653

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