Poetry Shelf, Poet’s Choice: Kerrin P Sharpe makes some picks


Hoopla Native bird web    work_full-cover

Poems on the Underground  edited by Judith Chernaik, Gerard Benson and Cicely Herbert. Penguin Books reprinted 2015
A collection of old and new poems that have appeared in London tube stations and trains since 1986.The books might fit in one hand but the poems are larger than life.

Native Bird Bryan Walpert.  Makaro Press Hoopla Series 2015
Memorably imagery.  An excellent eye and mind at work.

Work Sarah Jane Barnett.  Hue & Cry Press 2015
A beautifully constructed collection of six longer poems and prose poems that empower the reader with powerful lingering themes.

Cup Alison Wong. Steele Roberts 2006
A collection I’ve read often from the library and have finally purchased. Insightful poems about being Chinese in New Zealand. The included notes are both informative and beautifully written.

Kerrin P Sharpe



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