On celebrating NZ Poetry Day- some suggestions

It seems a bit crazy starting a blog when I am just about to head away for a week to visit schools in Christchurch — but I just wanted to get writing about books. I am not sure what my internet access will be like so may not be posting while I am away.

Next Friday (16th August) is NZ Poetry Day and I welcome a day of celebrations. There are lots of events throughout NZ which we can support but there are other things we can do as poetry fans.

1. Buy a poetry book and give it to a friend.

2. Buy a poetry book for yourself

3. Learn a poem by heart.

4. Write a poem and send it to a friend.

5. Write a poem in a form you have never tried.

6. Order a poetry book from a bookshop that stocks poetry.

7. Order a poetry book from a bookshop that doesn’t stock poetry.

8. Write a poem in chalk on a pavement near you.

9. Pour a glass of wine and drink it in the name of poetry.

10. Follow a poetry site on twitter.

11. Recommend a poetry book to someone.

12. Write a short piece On Poetry.

13. Make cake in the name of poetry and eat a slice.

14. Invite friends for dinner and have an informal poetry reading.

15. Carry a poem in your pocket thanks to here.

16. Check out poetry events here.

17. Share a poem here.

18. Add more suggests by commenting on this post ( I have a copy of 99 Ways into NZ Poetry by Paula Green and Harry Ricketts, Random House 2010, for my favourite suggestion).

Happy Poetry Day!


5 thoughts on “On celebrating NZ Poetry Day- some suggestions

  1. kiwiskan

    …and I have just received in the mail a small treasure – called ‘Pay attention: a Rive of Stones’, it’s a collection of writings from more than 350 people across the world who took part in a challenge to pay more attention to the world around them every day, and write those small things down. Beautiful



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